Corporate Team

Shane Rodgers

Shane Rodgers, Co-Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Member of Signal Capital Management LLC, Signal Investing LLC and PDX AG.

Mr. Rodgers has more than 30 years experience in investment banking and corporate finance, as well as management and operations, in Australia and the United States. Prior to Signal, Mr. Rodgers served in a wide variety of positions, including as Co-founder and Chairman and CEO of Anglo Arabian Corporation Ltd. , an unlisted Australian public investment company from 1980 to 1985; A director at Satco Power Corporation, which he helped take public, from 1985 to 1987 Chairman and CEO of the Chancellor Group, Inc., a publicly-traded US oil & gas company, from 1997 to 2001; as a partner and Chairman of Capital General Partners, an Australian boutique corporate advisory firm from 1996 to 1998, and as a Partner in KKR Associates, an Australian investment partnership (unrelated to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.), from 1993 to 1995.

Mr. Rodgers has invested in and has raised capital for companies across a diverse range of sectors, including media and communications, power generation, real estate, oil & gas, business and financial services, and biotechnology. Mr. Rodgers has also originated, or advised upon, a variety of reverse-merger transactions in the United States since 1985, and has structured and negotiated tax efficient debt and equity financings in the power generation sector.

Mr. Rodgers was also on the boards of US Mining Inc., a public company currently in the process of relisting, and with mining and mineral trading operations in the US, Australia, Mongolia, and China; Luminx Industry Corp, a manufacturer and wholesaler of LED lighting technology with manufacturing, assembly, R&D, and administrative operations in the US, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Europe; Global Fashion Group Inc, a roll-up of fashion industry design, manufacturing, wholesale and fashion retail businesses operating in the US, China, Taiwan, and Korea; and was formerly an advisor to GreenTec-USA Inc, a US defense contractor and manufacturer of advanced computer technology based in Reston, Virginia.

Yufeng Xie

Yufeng Xie, Beijing, China. Partner, and Senior Managing Director for Asia.

Ms. Xie holds the degree of Master of Laws (L.L.M) from the U. S. National Agricultural Law Center. She has worked with large companies, and Signal Capital Management LLC throughout Asia, successively. Ms. Xie is proficient in philosophy and history and has a thorough knowledge of both Eastern and Western culture. Ms. Xie is an experienced legal expert in international trade law, and funds management and investment.

Annelyse Fournier

Annelyse Fournier, Chief operating officer

Ms. Fournier, based in London, UK, is a trained economist and holds an MBA from the European University, in Geneva. She has over 2 decades of executive experience in large multinational companies, including Philip Morris, Mondelez, Barclays, and First Data, covering Executive Compensation & Reward, corporate governance, large scale project management, M&A, and IPO preparation. Industry experience includes consumer goods, banking and financial services, and the payments space. She is a Swiss citizen and is fluent in French and English, and has good command in German and Italian.

Dr. L. Daniel Garcia

Dr. L. Daniel Garcia, Senior Advisor

Dr. Garcia is an accomplished businessman and former investment banker who now resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Most recently, Dr. Garcia has raised investment capital for several cryptocurrency related projects, and has become an authority on blockchain. Over the past 25 years in business globally, he has accumulated an impressive network as well as successful business ventures. Residing in Dubai has positioned him to advise some of the top business people in the region, and many others around the world. In 2019 he was honored at the University of Dubai by the university’s President, Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, for his contribution to the first blockchain university in history, European Digital University. Dr. Garcia is the Vice President of EDU.

Dr. Sidhic A, Muhammed

Dr. Sidhic A, Muhammed, Senior Advisor, Blockchain Technology and Applications

Dr. Muhammed is a post graduate of Commerce from University of Kerala, India 1991. He is the founder of the Chancellor European Digital University, Dr. Sidhic is also the President of Canada Blockchain Summit Ltd., situated in World Trade Center, Toronto, and is the Managing Director of the European Blockchain Center in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Over the past 25 years he has become an authority on doing business in the Asia and in the Middle East. Having spent the past 10 years in Saudi Arabia forming educational programs that would make the world more aware of the technology of Saudi Arabia and Asia, he has become an expert on these particular markets. Most recently, in 2019 he was honored at the University of Dubai by its President Dr. Eesa Bastaki for his preeminent achievements in Blockchain technology. He regularly speaks at blockchain summits around the world, and can also be seen frequently in the cryptocurrency and blockchain related media.

Dr. Joseph Tovey

Dr. Joseph Tovey, Senior Advisor

Dr. Tovey is currently CEO of Tovey & Company LLC, an investment banking firm in New York City. He has practical experience and advanced degrees in corporate finance, investments, accounting, taxation and economics. Dr. Tovey has originated mergers, divestitures, and financing for several petroleum, oil service, and coal companies. Dr. Tovey has originated pipeline rights-of-way in return for fiber-optic line participation ventures, with minimal capital outlay for petroleum industry participants. He has advised on the financial aspects of 146 proposed mergers and acquisitions transactions, including completed acquisitions valued at more than $3.7 billion.

Dr. Tovey has advised on 21 joint ventures with values exceeding $5 billion. Dr. Tovey also provides litigation support in various matters involving intertwined corporate, taxation, antitrust, management and finance issues. He has testified before the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly Subcommittee regarding financial, commercial, and anti-trust issues facing the petroleum industry, and has advised the International Energy Agency on petroleum industry financial reporting and financial issues and practices. Dr. Tovey is Adjunct Associate Professor, Syms School of Business, Yeshiva University, and is widely published. He is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts, and the CFA Institute. He obtained a Ph.D in Corporate Finance and Investments in 1969 from New York University Graduate School of Business Administration, and an MBA in Taxation in 1961.

Pascal Schmid

Pascal Schmid

Mr. Schmid is a Swiss citizen based in Zug, holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen and has recently graduated as a certified blockchain expert from the University of Zurich. In his current CEO position, he advices start-ups in the blockchain area in regards to corporate governance, finance and compliance related tasks. Over the last 15 years of work experience, he gained a deep knowledge in various finance related topics (finance, accounting, taxes, controlling), in different business sectors. Over the last 2 years, he gained a brought knowledge and experience in the blockchain business in the Crypto Valley Zug and actively supports his clients. As an independent Foundation Council Member, he actively plays and played his role in various important Blockchain Foundations in Switzerland. He is an experienced C-level executive with finance and economics expertise, fintech and DLT included.

Rafael Soultanov

Rafael Soultanov, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Soultanov has a software engineering and IT background of more than 20 years, as well as considerable experience with blockchain engineering and with multiple successful ICOs. He has built five IT companies from scratch, including three that experienced growth exceeding 100% a year. He has developed over 50+ enterprise platforms for Fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Samsung, Intercontinental Hotel Group, DELL, Protective Life Insurance, Nielsen Media, France Telecom (Orange), and blockchain startups. Mr. Soultanov is based in San Francisco, California.

Sam Hennes

Sam Hennes, Advisor - Payments Platforms and Commercialization

Sam Hennes is a seasoned software Founder & CEO who has scaled two companies, leading to their successful exits. The last company that he founded was an e-commerce booking marketplace which integrated via API to various 3rd party point of sale software systems assisting businesses in filling their last-minute openings seamlessly. The company was acquired in 2017 by Monetary, a payment processing company. Prior to that, Sam started and scaled a full service digital marketing company with a primary focus on email marketing for businesses of all sizes. This company was acquired in 2015.

Sam has a proven history of:
- Identifying untapped opportunities and building products around them to scale.
- Creating compelling and profitable go-to-market strategies for the products developed.
- Rolling up his sleeves to do whatever it takes to take an idea from the product development phase, to a successful execution and exit.

Sam is working closely with PDX to define, implement and execute its go-to-market strategies in respect to the full global roll-out of its crypto-to-fiat payments platform and associated apps, including negotiating mission-critical commercial arrangements with key partners.

Anna Bodrova

Anna Bodrova,
Web Developer

Yaroslav Timantsev

Yaroslav Timantsev,
Community Manager

Vyacheslav Suskov

Vyacheslav Suskov,
Community Manager

The Development Team

We are building out an extensive blockchain, product development, and R&D team, over time. We are internally developing our own blockchain platform and functions, including but not limited to apps and smart contracts for the mobile use of PDX in transactions payments and global transfers and apps tied to our planned internally-owned and operated commercial and retail banking units. We are also placing a high emphasis on developing and incorporating artificial intelligence-driven apps into our product suite, as well as in the further strengthening of our token-holder security platform and features.

We have contracted with Ciklum Ltd. ( ) a global software and blockchain engineering firm, to design and build our initial core Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts technical infrastructure, including all smart contracts to the point of ICO-ready status. A copy of Ciklum’s Scope of Work document is available from us, upon request. The mechanics of setting up and distributing, then issuing, the PDX tokens are fairly straightforward, and are achieved through the creation and deployment of at least three (3) Smart Contracts:
1. The PDX ERC-20 Smart Contract
2. The PDX ICO Smart Contract
3. The PDX Version Control Smart Contract

Ciklum will create these smart contracts and will fully test their robustness and functionality on the Ethereum Test Network multiple times before they go “live” on the public Ethereum Blockchain. The smart contracts will be programmed in “Solidity” (a Javascript-like language unique to Ethereum), using the Truffle framework.

We are also contracting with Modulus Financial Engineering Inc. ( to build and provide a high-speed and absolute state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange and trading technology platform, delivered on a turnkey basis, and capable of transacting up to 10 million transactions per second, with ultra-low 40 nanosecond latency. Modulus is one of the world’s leading vendors of advanced trading technology and engineering solutions, and includes JP Morgan and Nasdaq among its client base.